Dear Music Box fans

With our second term done and dusted, we look back at so many fun activities and adventures!

  • We went on a true African experience with our Safari truck, we had binoculars and had to find the BIG 5!
  • We found that elephants had wrinkles everywhere!
  • We learnt that a Hippo was called a Seekoei in Afrikaans and listened to a Hippo bellow to great amusement.
  • We had such fun with Zee Bee Dee and our Zebra coloured rhythms sticks. All partof our Safari adventure!
  • Would you believe we even ended up in the jungle in search of more amazing animals.

Behind the scenes

  1. Down in the jungle was a sensory experience, where we learnt to wash our hair with scrubbing brushes
  2. The Hamster dance was high energy dancing and jumping. A spot of Zumba for kids!
  3. We put the lion to sleep in our parachute activity where we learnt to make big slow controlled movements
  4. Our fine motor skills were developed through pretending to hop our castanets like afrog(padda) a bunny(hasie) and quack like a duck (eendjie)


A warm welcome to Coach Nelia that started in the 2nd term in Centurion!

We are also delighted to welcome Coach Busi and Coach Jocelyn that will be joining our Music Box family in term 3!

We are very excited to have you on board and wish you long happy fun filled years with Music Box.


Please feel free to contact your child’s Music Box teacher should you want to enquire about his/her progress in class.
We would also like to hear from you regarding feedback from your child and Music Box. Leave us a note on our Facebook wall, alternatively pop us an email. We would love to hear from you!

Parents Viewing Days

You will be receiving invitations to our Parents Viewing days for most schools in the 3rd term (Private schools – end of term 2). It is a fun way of showcasing some of the activities we’ve been learning this year and it is a very BIG  deal for our little ones’ and the Music Box Coaches.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Music Notes !

We are going deep in term 3 to the bottomof the sea kinda deep!!
Our resident pirate, Ram Sam Sam, will be coming ashore.
From baby sharks to Grandpa sharks, playing in the Octopusís garden to surfing.
We’re getting ready for summer!

Day in Tembisa

Music Box were privileged to spend a morning with Magical Moments at Entokozweni Pre School in Tembisa. Magical Moments create Magical
Moments & Extra-ordinary days for abused, abandoned, disadvantaged, neglected, orphaned, underprivileged and vulnerable children in Johannesburg in order to uplift their spirits and expose them to a world beyond their own.

19 children and their teachers were treated to a FUNtastical, magical, musical treat with Music Box. It was a delightful morning as we warmed up a very cold winters day with song & dance, love & laughter. These children would never ordinarily experience extra murals of this nature. We hope and trust that the
experience will be a joyous childhood memory for them to treasure and that we will support many more magical mornings in the future. A truly a humbling experience which reminds us to be grateful for all we have.

You can view photos of the day at

DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION: Music Box Newsletter 2nd term